Finish the course first!!!...

Ok... so sometimes God will allow you to keep going through the same thing until you "get it"... I've always heard this, but didn't really understand until now...

Certain assignments can only be completed during certain seasons... #ThinkAboutIt

So let's think of it like college courses... if you fail a course, you cannot move forward to graduation until you take it again! And if you fail it again ---- guess what ---- you take it again! And once you finally pass that course, by fully completing the assignments, passing the tests, and obtaining the knowledge of the teachings, only then can you move a step closer to the ultimate goal of graduation... and that class has to be taken wherever the college/university deems it necessary...

So bringing it back to real life.... I've had an assignment that I consistently drag my feet on... and only during dark and low moments and I provided the motivation and inspiration to work on said assignment... basically, when things are going well, or even great, I push off the assignment... and the truth is that the assignment requires the emotions found where I wish not to be... and when I move out of that space, it is hard to tap back into those feelings and pull out the necessary tools to complete the assignment... it requires opening old wounds, reliving pain - basically things I would otherwise want to avoid...

Over time, I'll keep finding myself going back to those dark places, and I'll be like "Why, God? Why do I keep ending up back here?"

He said to me, "Because, you keep trying to move forward without completing the assignment of that season... you're trying to promote yourself to graduation without finishing the course... and I keep raising you up to do the work, but once you get a little taste of the higher places, you get complacent, lazy, and unfocused... BUT I NEED YOU TO DO "THAT" ASSIGNMENT... so if I have to keep bringing you back to the place I told you to do it, I stop playing, and get it done, so WE can move forward!"

If you skip out the season without completing the assignment, you will not reap the harvest of the labor in your next season... and if God wants you to reap what He has in store for You, He'll keep at you until you do what He says... because He wants the best for you... and wants you to live abundantly... He knows what it takes to get to the place you need to be!!!

I say all of this to say, TRUST HIS PROCESS!!! There is a reason why you are where you are, at this very moment... listen to His voice... stop thinking about what you are going to do when you get free... try figuring out what the assignment is while you are yet waiting to be delivered... what should you be learning from it.. what should you be doing during it...

If He can't trust you in bondage, how can He trust you with Freedom???

I pray that I'll utilize His Truth that resonates in my heart to do His will... in His timing... and that I don't require that hard, repetitive task of having to go ALL THE WAY BACK to learn the same things over and over again, but rather, just get the WORK done, so the I can move forward, and that HIS WORK can be perfected in me, according to HIS WILL for my life... In Jesus' name, Amen...

~ Resse

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Does anyone else go through these late night talks with The Father??? 🤔🤔🤔 #ILOVEIT ❤❤❤ #LateInTheMidnightHour

#ThankYouGod #ThankYouJesus #ThankYouLord 👐👐👐

PS - I'm like, "So God, You mean there is something you want me to do WHILE I'M STILL DEPRESSED, CONFUSED, & TIRED???? 👀" He said, "YESSSSS!!!!" ...... O Wow... The Spirit is heavy on me today yall.... so glad that as many times as I have to take the class, I know the Professor won't leave Me alone!!!!!!!!!!! 👐👐👐😍😍😍❤❤❤ Have a blessed day everyone!!!!!!!

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