Fake Flowers Don't Grow...

Sitting here and thinking of how I used to be Not the me pre being free Or the me before I began to clearly see But the first me The me before I forgot me Thinking about how easy things were Before they weren't And how optimistic I was Before I wasn't And how sure I felt Before I didn't Reality set in, and the true me became scary Instead of walking in my integrity I was afraid Afraid that if people knew me, they would know me A Me I didn't want to be So I became a fake flower... A pretty flower... A flower that stayed in bloom... A flower that didn't die... A flower that didn't ... But fake flowers don't grow... Fake flowers don't grow... So I had to get to know a different Me The real Me The parts of Me that were ugly And the parts that were limp The parts that were dead And the parts that didn't Because until I could see Me And I mean clearly I couldn't be Me So to be Me I had to show Me So people could see Me And the real Me Became reality The real Me is Beauty... The real Me moves... The real Me is alive... The real Me does... So unapologetically I introduce you to Me A Me that changes A Me that grows A Me that's getting to know Me A Me that doesn't think as much about the fist Me Or the pre being free Me As I do the Real Me The Now Me And the future Me The Changing Me Because fake flowers, simply, don't grow... Written by: ME (aka Resse aka Charesse Forbes) #Message #FakeFlowersDontGrow#FakeFlowersDont #Poetry #Writer #Author#SelfLove #Me #Me #Me #BeForReal#TheTruthShallMakeYouFree @RessesDots

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I must admit, I was hesitant to create a blog site, for fear that it would lessen my creditibility as a writer...  Let's be honest, there are blogs everywhere, written by any and everyone...  While I myself enjoy reading and following a number of bloggists across all genres of content... 

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