"What comes out of me is so much better, when what goes in to me is better… ~ Resse

I wouldn’t consider myself a “Foodie”, but I definitely love great food! Of course, I have my favorite dishes - there are things that I could literally eat every day of my life, and others that I only look forward to on special occasions… But what really makes the difference when it comes to food, and dishes, and meals???

Disclaimer: I am not a Cook – Lol! Actually just starting to pick it up a tad – so I would have to give credit where credit is due…there is something to be said about a person who just knows what they are doing when it comes to food… but even more so, I think many can agree, that it’s not always the Cook per se, but rather, the INGREDIENTS… Those special seasonings, spices, and herbs that go into some of the best meals… and the extra “mmph” that breathes life into desserts - the sugar, the butter, the cream… Mmmm (I’m getting hungry now lol)

I grew up with the best of both worlds when it comes to cuisine --- I had my Southern born and raised Grandmother that puts her back, and foot, and everything else into some good old Soul Food; she can simply make a pot of cabbage that tastes like heaven on earth, and a sweet potato pie that tastes like heaven in heaven! --- And there is my West Indian Father, born and raised in Jamaica, who specializes in Caribbean dining (not professionally, although he'd like to think he's a professional ;-)), that transforms rice and peas into a delicatessen, and forget about bread pudding – you haven’t tasted it until you’ve tried his! And I’m not taking anything away from any other person that loves to put their heart and soul into what they create in a kitchen; I’m just sharing my personal favorites :-)

Often times I wondered, is it them? My Grandmother and My Father that make the food taste so good? OR is it what they have learned to put into those dishes that make the difference? THE INGREDIENTS…

When I think about the past few years of my life, let’s say the last 5 – 7 years, I ponder how I got to be where I am today? Which is, actually, a good place…a better place… I think about the low moments I had, both literally and figuratively… The highs and lows of the emotional roller-coasters I chose to ride… The stress, anxiety and depression I battled… And to see where I am now – the peace, the comfort, the low tolerance I have for nonsense, the strength and confidence I have to keep going… What is making the difference? WHAT ARE MY INGREDIENTS?

The Word of God, the Holy Bible, says these 3 things:

  1. Phillipians 2:5 – “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.”

  2. Matthew 15:11 – “Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.”

  3. Proverbs 18:21 - Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

How do these 3 scriptures work together?

First, you need to worry about what is in your mind – Second, you need to worry about what comes out of you – Third, you have to acknowledge the power that lies in the words that you speak…

Imagine if you ate rotten food every day, and the affect that would have on your body… Now let’s take that same concept, and think about what happens when we allow our minds to be fed with negativity each and every day… When you allow what others think about you to guide your footsteps – when you allow haters to plant seeds of self-doubt and confusion into your life, when you trust what people say over what they do… Phillipians 2:5 tells us to take on the mindset of Christ – what is that mindset? Did Christ doubt Himself? Did He doubt His ability? Did He doubt His Father’s ability? Did He run from His calling? Most importantly, did He allow what people thought about Him, said to Him, or did to Him, keep Him from fulfilling His purpose? No, no, no, no… He walked in His authority, He exercised His gifts and talents, He trusted His Father in Heaven, and he SPOKE WORDS OF HEALING and LIFE INTO THE ATMOSPHERE, AND THINGS WERE SO!

Matthew 15:11 & Proverbs 18:21 go hand-in-hand – One tells us that we need to be careful of what comes out of us, and the other tells us that there is power in the words we speak! Ever heard the phrase, “Garbage in, Garbage Out!”? So my question to myself was, what was I allowing into me, that was in turn coming out of me, that ultimately resulted in the manifestation of darkness in my life? And then, how did I change that?

The answer: I allowed things into my mind, heart, and spirit that had no business being there… I allowed them to take root… I welcomed negativity – even if I acknowledged that I didn’t like it – I welcomed it… I believed the lies that made me feel less than, unworthy, incompetent and incapable of any and everything… I let doubt birth within me, and then outside of me… And after all of this, I spoke into existence those very things I had allowed in --- I said things like “I Can’t… I’m Scared… I Shouldn’t… I Don’t Know How… I’m nervous… I Have Anxiety… I’m Depressed… I’m Sad… I’m Mad… I’m Done… I’m Tired…” and those things became My Ingredients…

But after struggling through all of that, after checking out on life momentarily, after taking some time to be real with myself and with God (*wink to Michael Isaiah Harris on that ;-)), I had to change that whole recipe!!!! I realized that if that was what I thought about myself, and then if it was what I said about myself, it was going to be the facts of my life… No thank you…

So I had to change what I let in…I had to run from hate and doubt… I had to be careful of what I allowed others to say to me, what I let them say about me, and what I let them do to me… I had to find peace and comfort…I had to find reassurance through His Word… I had to find answers through fasting and prayer… I had to find joy and happiness through the LOVE of those around me… I had to find my gift within, and let that thang out! I had to be confident in my ability… I had to accept my calling… I HAD TO BELIEVE IN MYSELF AS MUCH AS I SAY I BELIEVE IN HIM!!! AND THEN I HAD TO SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE!!!! I had change what I said about myself, and my life... "I CAN! I WILL! I AM!!!" Healthy, Wealthy, Happy, Peaceful, Loved, Able, Motivated, Successful, Blessed, Highly Favored, Competent, Ready, Focused, A Winner, Winning, Confident, Resourceful, Purposed, Called, Forgiven...I'M GOOD!!!!


I challenge you, to set aside some time to evaluate your ingredients… what are you letting into your mind? What are you letting out into the atmosphere from your spirit? What are you saying about yourself out of your own mouth? What are your ingredients? Are you living life with a great taste for it? Or is it sour and bitter? If so, change the recipe!!!

~ Resse

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