THANK YOU ❤ Hello Everyone!!! I wanted to set aside a special moment to thank each and everyone of you for your support of my 'Connecting the Dots with Resse...' blog website ( Every now and then a dear soul will reach out to me with feedback on a blog...they'll share their feelings about what they read, how they elated to it, how it impacted it helped them... Sometimes I wonder to myself, "why am I putting all of this out here like this?" Trying to figure out all of my thoughts, and feelings, and emotions...and the process of piecing together different parts of my life...that's one thing... but the sharing??? A whole 'nother level... But it is your responses that melts my heart...that motivates me to keep going...and that gives me the hope and faith in believing that this is only the beginning!!! My mind races in several different directions...wanting to accomplish this...wanting to finish that...wanting to grow further...but when I tap into my spirit, and I think about how far I've gotten on just a wing of prayer and a little effort, I'm crazy enough to think I can do it all...and not just do it, but be great!!! I love you for walking this journey with me! And we will continue to have several exciting stops on the road ahead, so stick with me!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU 😍😘 If you haven't already, check out my website - and SUBSCRIBE for emailed updates!!! Connect with me on Facebook: Connecting the Dots with Resse Instagram: @RessesDots And SHARE THIS POST!!!! 🌟🌟🌟STAY TUNED FOR A BLOG ENTITLED, "Ingredients...", which I will release over the next few days🌟🌟🌟 ~ Resse

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I must admit, I was hesitant to create a blog site, for fear that it would lessen my creditibility as a writer...  Let's be honest, there are blogs everywhere, written by any and everyone...  While I myself enjoy reading and following a number of bloggists across all genres of content... 

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