The other day my 7 year old son, Ethan, came to me and said, “Look Mommy, I am learning how to juggle!” He had spent the night over his Great-Grandmother’s house, and while having his alone time, away from all of the other children (there are 3 more! :-)), I guess he had to find a way to keep himself busy.

So, of course, I told him to show me! He proceeded to pick up a ball, just one, and throw it from one hand to the other. He then said, “See Mommy?!” Of course, as is my duty, I encouraged him with a hearty, “That’s great, son!”, all the while giggling to myself over the fact that I am not sure it’s even called juggling with just one ball ;-)

If only life were that easy!!! Juggling just one ball!!! We would all be masters of the juggling trade, lol! As of recent, I have struggled with “what to do next!” After resolving to make a conscious effort to live life, realize dreams, and manifest visions – I have definitely found myself trying to figure out the “juggling act” of “doing it all”! And the idea of really having the capacity and energy to get it all done can at times be daunting and discouraging in nature…

I find myself thinking back to the days of only focusing on a few things, that essentially were necessary to survival, and how, conceptually, easy that was. Just get up. Get the kids ready. Go to work. Go home. Go to Church. Go home. Get up. Get the kids ready. Go to work. Go home. Go to Church. REPEAT… But amidst the ease of that routine, there was an element of internal struggle where I felt like I was living below the radar, or just short of the horizon. And that struggle led to feelings of self-doubt and the fear of the possibility of living below my full potential…forever…

So I made a commitment, to myself, that I would make every effort to just do everything. Everything I ever wanted to do. Every place I ever wanted to go. Every goal I ever wanted to accomplish. Everything I ever wanted to have. I would just believe it, and receive it. Simple, right? Ummm…no, not so simple. Achievable? YES. But simple? Nope. It takes hard work, commitment, dedication, and living in positive, realistic, and genuine spaces both internally, and externally. It takes time management, tapping in to resources, and faith that all things are possible. It takes trust – trust in yourself, trust in those who have been positioned to help you reach your highest heights, and trust in God.

So here I sit…blogging. Something I set out to do earlier this year. After coming down from a horrible emotional rollercoaster, writing to express my feelings saved my life. It freed me from internal struggle and depression, and re-routed my future in the direction of success. But as I began to work on other things, i.e., the launch of a creative writing non-profit organization for Youth (A Writing Chance), taking my rightful place as an author while working on my book (currently finishing up Chapter 6 of 15 – so exciting!), not to mention life in general – still getting up, getting the kids ready, going to work, going to church, and repeating – I began to “drop the ball” (juggling pun intended), in some areas. The art of multi-tasking seemed outside of my reach.

But what has given me the stamina and motivation to say the course is the Power of PRAYER! You see that routine I keep referring to? Somewhere nestled in between the lines is PRAYER…

My Motto: First Pray. Then Do.

That’s what makes it all do-able. Meditating on God’s Word and His Promises, and then executing diligence in working towards goals, all wrapped up in a giant bow of His Favor ---> Recipe for SUCCESS!

Prayer doesn’t necessarily make things simple, but it makes them possible – it makes them manageable despite how unmanageable the circumstances seem. It makes things attainable that otherwise may have seemed out of reach. It makes dreams reality, seeing visions beyond fantasies. Prayer doesn’t just change things – PRAYER CHANGES EVERYTHING!

I had begun to pray about my blog website. And I questioned whether or not it was something I needed to let go of while I continued focusing my energy and efforts in other directions. Just as I was on the brink of making my decision to “give it up” a concrete one, the Spirit told me to encourage the people to just PRAY. Where you can’t see your way through, Pray your way through!

First Pray. Then Do. Pray about something, and then get up and do something about something!

YES YOU CAN DO IT ALL! YES YOU CAN BE IT ALL! YES YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! ---- See it, believe it, be it! ---- All while you pray on it! Don’t allow your growth to be stunted or your progress to be halted by fear of how impossible things seem – go forward, in faith knowing for yourself, that it can be done! With His Help, all things are possible! I no longer speak in terms of wishing things could be a certain way. My hope is built on the surety of Christ Himself, and in that, I know that what resonates as fiction, can be fact! What I want, I can have --- and not only can I have it, I WILL HAVE IT! Pray with me...

In Jesus’ Name…AMEN…

If you are struggling with your juggling, add Prayer to your routine, and watch your life change <3<3<3

~ Resse

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