Protect your heart... <3

Having a good heart shouldn't mean having an abused heart...

Sometimes, we'll become empowered to remove ourselves from toxic situations. We will literally recognize something for what it is, and make that conscious decision that its just not good for us --- it could be a relationship, friendship, job, deal gone bad, etc. Essentially, anything that puts you in a space where its hard to ever feel good about yourself - because of the position you are putting yourself in. You may not be the toxicity in the scenario, but your choice to remain there weakens your confidence and subconsciously makes you question what you really think of yourself - you've gathered what you think of the issues and the people and the places - but what does your choice to remain in that space say about you to you? So, we will walk away, make changes, talk sensibly to ourselves and say, "No..I'm not doing this anymore..."

Now, at first, when you walk away, you feel all strong, like, "yeah, I did that! I told them! Tuh! Not me! Uh uh...Bye Felicia! Yaaaaasss Me!"

But then, what we think is our good nature, or the "goodness" in us, will start to whisper in our minds... Could we have endured just a little more of that? Would time have corrected things on its own? You begin to feel so good, that you'll think, was it really that bad?

And next thing you know, you are really considering going backwards!!! Now, the fact of the matter is the scenario has not changed, nothing has transpired to make you think that it has...the toxic people are still proving themselves to be toxic, but you, you insist... You insist that you can change it... Oh yeah, and then there's the part about not wanting anyone to be mad at you --- so you start to think, was I too harsh? Was I hasty in what I said? Was I premature in my decision?

So you start to send out know, those vibes that might suggest, perhaps there's a possibility and chance that it can be different in that same, listen to what I said - you start to think it can be different going back to that same space --- no no no. The only way it can be different is if you are going forward to a different space.

The feelers you are in actuality sending out are really saying, "If you want to dish me out a little more of that toxic soup...I think I can take it..." Until you can't anymore :-(

Please stop doing this...


If the "thing" (remember, I said it could be anything), that hurt you is mad...they are mad that you said "You can't do me like that no more!" So - if that makes them mad - let them be mad... they'll be ok...

Would it make more sense for them to be happy and content with keeping you bound to spaces that hurt you, if it meant you would then always be the mad factor in the space - No, that doesn't make sense!

When you are given a choice, and you know the choice means that, all factors remaining constant, only one side of the equation gets to be happy at a time? CHOOSE YOURSELF FOR CHRIST's SAKE!!!! Don't exchange your peace for someone else's happiness... (Why you gonna make them happy if it means you choosing to be unhappy? Don't do that... *slaps hand*)

Protect your heart...

Reject anything that makes you feel mentally, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted, drained, or just downright sick to your stomach...

Absorb positivity, calming energies, warm vibes, and LOVE!

Some old habits are hard to break, and twisted mentalities have a way of being difficult to it takes time to become a genuine lover of self if you haven't practiced self-love in the past, for whatever reason...

But as you learn and grow through your journey, don't let "things" get it twisted --- PROTECT YOUR HEART!

~ Resse

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