Hold up...wait a minute...PAUSE!!!

The power lies within us to determine the nature of our relationships with others... We are the dictators of the roles we accept, as well as the roles we assign to others in our lives... And as cliche a saying as it has become, people can only treat you the way you allow them too. What a hard truth pill to swallow? No, we cannot dictate or manage the intentions of another person towards us, BUT, we do have to take some sense of accountability and ownership for allowing a certain negative behavior to continue towards us... as hard as that may be --- their bad or ill behavior isn't our fault, but it is our fault when we don't:

1) Serve notice on what we will and won't accept

2) Remove ourselves from situations and scenarios within those relationships that are hurtful to us

And while it's easy to always take this to heart down the romantic route, and apply this only to Mates and/or Companions, I am talking about ALL relationships --- Family, Friends, Employers, Employees, Acquaintances, Strangers --- even the relationship we hold with OURSELVES!!!

No --- I am not saying to live life on the defense, or even to always find yourself in confrontations with others...this is more about the SPIRIT OF LOVE...

It's okay to APPLY THE SPIRIT OF LOVE TO YOURSELF, as much and as often as you apply it to others <3 <3 <3

It's all about the HOLD UP...WAIT A MINUTE.... opportunities that you take... Those moments where you need to get people "together" when it concerns you... Not so much them... Let people do what they do... but when it concerns you, you have to reach into that pocket or handbag and pull out the PAUSE!!!!! After the PAUSE, the sentences may (or may not) begin with:

- "See, what you not gonna' do is..."

- "Okay, I think you had me confused with..."

- "See, I was trine' (yes, I said trine') be nice but..."

- "Who are you talking to? Me??? (on this one you look around before you say it as to show that you are really looking for someone else because they can't possibly be talking to you)


- The Blank Stare (my all time favorite)

From there you set it out --- what you expect, what you deserve, what you'll accept, what you dislike, what you like, etc... as well as what you offer, what you give, what you bring, and what you don't... This goes for when you advocate on the behalf of others as well (family, friends, fellow citizens, etc)...

When you truly love yourself, you'll have a much easier time teaching others how to love you as well...

All of this said, I know, first hand, how uncomfortable these conversations can be...as well as how hard it is to make a decision on how to move forward when someone acts like they don't speak Englsh... The love we have for others manifests in the form of forgiveness, followed by chances... But it's okay to CHALLENGE OTHERS along with your forgiveness and chances... Challenge them to change their behavior towards you...instead of giving out another chance for them to do the same thing...

And CHALLENGE YOURSELF to receive love differently... not just any old thing people are willing to throw your way and call love...but, for real, genuine, true love, from the inside out...

Historically, I have been a passive person...never wanted confrontation...never wanted to address people on how they treated me... laughed at jokes even when they were about me...

PAUSE!!! It's 2016 --- and I don't do 'dat no mo'... NO!!!!


We all should do the same...people won't like it at first, but they'll either get on board, or jump ship... either way, you're safe...at peace...and feeling good about yourself and life... You wish and pray them the best, and smile as you wave while walking in the opposite direction...

Reconciliation is always a possibility...but sitting around allowing others to treat you like crap isn't...

~ Resse

#LoveGod #LoveSelf #LoveOthers #ImJusSaying #ConnectingTheDots

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