Connecting the dots...

Over the past few days, I have been praying for the strength to DO all of the great things that I THINK about each and every day...

God has sewn so many seeds in my spirit, that from time to time, it's hard for me to even keep up with the VISIONS and the CALLING for the destiny of my future...I allow things --- responsibilities, ideas, and the like --- to pile up on me, and then can't decide what to do first, how to begin, why bother?, can I do it?, am I sure?...

To be honest, I am easily super duper easily distracted..and when a distraction doesn't present itself? Trust, I am a master of either finding one or creating one...I hate that trait in myself... I will pay attention to everyone and everything else just to avoid what I need to focus on...instead of putting in the work required, I'll zoom in on mindless, meaningless, unproductive, and trivial --- hate to say it but --- wastes of time...

Some may know, in High School, I was a cheerleader...that spirit of cheering others on has followed me into adulthood, motherhood, professional settings, etc., etc., etc....but it has it's pros and cons...On the up side, for those I truly love, I ROOT FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!!!! Whether I'm literally stalking you and all up in your face, in your Inbox, in your text messages, your Snap, on your phone, at your doorstep...all the time (my apologies to all the ones I creep on at that level --- I admit I can be extra and's fine...), to those who I rarely exchange with on any level at all, the ones who I don't speak to often, never reach out to, never find time to connect, people who I don't even really know but have decided in my head for some reason we are friends (lol), I ROOT FOR ALL OF YOU AS WELL!!!

The down side is that I haven't learned to cheer myself on :'( :'( :'( It's like a dot that I'm trying to connect to with a straight line, but I keep ending up bending, and turning, and swirling, and zig-zagging, and, and circling, and stopping.....never getting to the dang-nabbit dot!!!!

But it's getting better...mentally, I am aware of what I am doing and what I am not...I know what I need to do...and I am facing it...instead of searching for a diversion, I am allowing it to consume steal my ability to sleep and take over my thoughts...I am doing little things here and there that I know will add up to major things...I used to be afraid of letting people know that I actually have dreams and goals outside of those they've seen me accomplish...places I want to go, things I want to do, things I want to say, and things I believe I should have...I was terrified of asking for help for fear that it would mean I couldn't do it on my own...the funny thing about that fear is that now I realize, I can't...and it's OK!

PLEASE PRAY WITH ME, EARNESTLY, that I am challenged, motivated, capable, empowered, and resourceful enough to take the BIG STEPS and MAJOR LEAPS necessary to connect my dots...and that along the way, the belief that I AM WORTHY will stay with me...

I am sharing this in hopes that there may be others who feel the same encouraged that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! LET'S CHEER FOR EACH OTHER AND PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER!!!!!


And to those of you that have figured out and gotten this "connecting the dots" thing covered, HELP US!!!!! Lol! We are all in this together...

~ Charesse




#SoMuchToDo #WithTheHelpOfTheLord #EverythingWillGetDone



#MoreLove #AllLove #AllDay #LoveEVERYBODY #ForReal


(Sorry this one is so long...but needed to release this)

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