One of the worst feelings to endure is that of being DISMISSED...the moment you share your hopes, dreams, insecurities...you lay your vulnerability on the table...and you can see in the person's eyes that they are half listening, and half thinking about what they need to do later...it can leave you feeling so empty...You give, you share, you pour, and nothing...just a few blinks, head nods, and "Really? That's nice"...but then gestures an unspoken *moving right along*

Dismissal can be sooooooooooooo discouraging...other's disinterest in the the things that are important to you can leave you wondering if what dwells within you is even worth the amount of thinking, time and effort you put into it... Not only discouraging, but disappointing...when the very ones you turn to for help, guidance, support don't give you the response you're looking for...you may have anticipated a pat on the back, a helping hand, and shoulder to lean on, perhaps a quiet round of applause, a hanky to wipe a tear...genuine interest...even just that little hint of "I knew something GREAT lived inside you!!!!" in their voice...

But as we journey down the path to purpose and destiny, it is important to note that every individual is on their own journey...so their dismissal of you, more than likely has more to do with themselves and where they are in life, than it has to actually do with you at all...their dismissal does not necessarily have anything to do with their lack of belief in your potential...the belief that should mean the most to you, is your belief in yourself...people barely believe in themselves...

Everyone functions at different capacities...At certain points in life, people may not have the capacity to be supportive, due to any number of things that may be going on with them...things you may be aware of...and things you may be unaware of...some don't have the capacity to cheer, or care, or love...it's hard to process, but when you begin to accept that some people just can't...like, they really can't...they try even, but just can't be there for you...You begin to understand, and give them the benefit of the doubt, which frees your relationship with family, friends, and acquaintances, to be what it is...and not be what it isn't...

From there you can change that empty feeling of being dismissed, into a feeling of openess...ready to receive support, prayer, nudges, comfort, friendship from the most unexpected of places...people who in the past YOU MAY HAVE DISMISSED will now be the people in your corner...taking nothing away from the individuals already there, but recognizing and being aware of the room that's been made for growth in the direction you want to go...which should always be FORWARD!!! You're no longer stuck on expecting anything from anyone, but now focused on expecting the unexpected from anywhere...

It actually becomes very exciting!!! You begin to look at people, places, things, and YOURSELF differently...

Everyone has their own voice, their own thoughts, their own feelings...I believe most agree with that...the same applies to your EYES AND YOUR VISION!!!! Everyone can't see what you see...and you may not be at the capacity to properly share the magnitude of what you envision for your future...the old saying "I can show you better than I can tell you!" takes on new meaning... don't be alarmed, upset, bitter, consumed, depressed, when others don't understand...or simply CAN'T understand...be happy!!! You might be on to something! You're not crazy...you've been gifted!!!!

Run with it...no time to stop and provide prescriptions for corrective lenses to those who can't visualize with you...if you keep taking your glasses off to cry about it, your vision will be blurry to you too!!!! Keep those specs on!!!

In school, the best part of the day was when you heard the teacher say "Class Dismissed!" It meant you could go and do all of the things you'd been daydreaming about all day!

Take all of those dismissals as permission to make things happen! Believe in yourself FIRST...the rest will have no choice...

~ Charesse






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