Girl, bye...

Instead of talking yourself out of all of the great possibilities for your future, talk yourself out of talking yourself out of all the great possibilities for your future...

Kinda like this:

ME: I have this great idea!!! (Or I have a dream, or a vision, or a passion/anointing, etc.)

ME: You can't do don't have time...besides, so and so is doing something similar...and such and such does it better...and this one and that one wont support you...and they never cheer for you...they think youre a joke...and you remember what happened last time...and what if you fail, or don't'll look stupid...

ME: Girl, bye! You talk crazy!!! You better go out there and do what the Lord placed on your heart!!!! He gave you gifts to use them!!! You supply the faith and effort, GOD WILL PROVIDE THE INCREASE!!!!

~ Charesse


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I must admit, I was hesitant to create a blog site, for fear that it would lessen my creditibility as a writer...  Let's be honest, there are blogs everywhere, written by any and everyone...  While I myself enjoy reading and following a number of bloggists across all genres of content... 

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