Accepting the reality that emotions are just temporary.

It is totally possible to exhaust the spectrum of emotion in a single day. You can literally go from happy, to sad, to weak, to powerful, to contentment, to despair, to joy, to indifference, and on and on and on…from one hour to the next. That’s why it is important to not act out of emotion, but rather, truly take a closer look at the source of those emotions… what is at the root of your happiness? of your sadness? of your weakness? of your power?…of your joy?…

When you analyze the source of your emotions, it will lead you down a healthier path of focusing your energy, and pouring life and substance into the roots of things that matter most. You will be less concerned with how you feel, and more concerned with activities that will enrich the sources in your life that bear healthy emotions, while helping dry out the sources of negativity.

On this journey, you are not obligated to ride anyone else’s emotional rollercoaster. You can accept the volatility in other’s personalities, their ups and downs, even their inconsistencies, but you do not have to be on board for the ride. Understand that while they journey the spectrum at their own pace and frequency, you can choose to remain planted in the roots that elevate your mind and spirit. Don’t make "how you feel" about others…make it about you.

Address and tend to your own garden. Let others tend to their's.

Begin to think of emotions less as a rollercoaster, and more as a train ride...you do not have to stay on until the ride is over...you are allowed to get off at any stop you'd like...the choice is YOURS!!!!!

At the end of the day, it’s less about feelings…and more about actions…

~ Charesse

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