Note to self: Living loudly...

There are 1) The things you do because you have to, 2) the things you do because you want to, 3) and then the the things you do because you just can.......on the other hand, there are 4) the things you never do because you fear you can't, 5) the things you think about doing everyday, but just don't know where to start, and 6) and the things you know in your heart you should and are meant to do that haunt you the longer you waste time...

On a daily basis I physically move between 1 - 3, but mentally I'm stuck smack in the middle of 4 - 6...

The question I ask myself all the time is will I ever be able to shift from thinking deeply to living loudly, passionately, and purposefully...

~ Charesse

#notetoself #thinkingoutloud #justsharing

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I must admit, I was hesitant to create a blog site, for fear that it would lessen my creditibility as a writer...  Let's be honest, there are blogs everywhere, written by any and everyone...  While I myself enjoy reading and following a number of bloggists across all genres of content... 

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