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Raise your hand if you've ever been used... (*raises hand*) Don't be shy, we've all been there.. Whether it be in a relationship, by a friend, by family, just being used in general... Now think back to how being used made you feel. I remember feeling hopeless, giving my all and getting nothing in return. Not even a genuine thank you and no glimpse of reciprocity in sight. Continued giving in an effort to soften a heart, or receive validation of my efforts being worth something, and always, time after time, brought back to the reality that no matter how much I gave, loved, helped, was present, was invested, forgave, etc, etc, etc, that the cycle would continue. Now, lets make an analogy of this scenario by comparing it to our relationship with God our Father... Do you ever find yourself crying out to God for help, for salvation, for forgiveness, for security, for favor, for blessings, for more, and more and more? And EVERY TIME, right on time, He comes to your aid, right? But then what happens when He needs you? Are you there? Are you available? Are you willing? Have you positioned yourself to be able? Are you obedient? Do you believe? Do you trust Him? Do you pray? Are you thankful? Or do you leave Him feeling that no matter how many times He's rescued you, no matter how much of a present help He has been, no matter how REAL He has been in your life....really had your back, when your back was against a wall!!!!, that you're just never going to be there when He needs you - let me rephrase that, because He doesn't need us, He is God all by Himself - you're just never going to be there when He "wants" you... never going to be available to allow Him to USE you... Take time today to ask yourself "AM I JUST USING GOD? OR AM I ALLOWING HIM TO USE ME?" Allow Him to use you as His Light in the world...His Hands... His Heart... I've heard it said that relationships are 50/50.. but I've never seen a time when He didn't give me His 100%... we owe it to Him to strive to be available... We can't beat God giving, no matter how we try... But what we can do is remain grateful and prayerful, obedient to His Word and His Spirit, and if we are going to allow ourselves to be used by anyone, let it be HIM!!!

In Jesus Name...

~ Charesse

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