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I must admit, I was hesitant to create a blog site, for fear that it would tarnish my credibility as a writer... While I myself enjoy reading blogs and following a number of bloggists across all genres of content, I didn't want to compromise my future goals of authoring and publishing novels, and the like, by pigeon-wholing myself into the box of "Blogger"...  However, my love of social media lead me down this path.  I frequently found myself posting my thoughts, primarily those inner most thoughts that you process while sitting on the couch watching your children play, or while spending time alone in your car, scrolling through different forms of media on your phone, while you attempt to decompress after a long day...  At the time, I just looked at my posts as a way for me to release tension, and share revelations I received about life and reality with others.  To my surprise, the response I would receive was always very positive --- I say surprised not because the feedback was positive, but because I wasn't even certain that individuals would take the time to read my long posts --- but they did!!!  Here and there I'd receive a comment, or a message via my inbox, from someone encouraging me to further pursue my passions.  As I stated, I would love to, and will publish a book in the future, whether near or far.  Until then, I am using my posts as my outward expression of the love I have for using words creatively, while simultaneously healing myself in a healthy and positive way through the therapeutic effects sharing my thoughts has on my existence.  My desire is to grow, and writing provides me the nutrients and nourishment I need to make that growth possible...the extra vitamins that will ensure that I am not just growing, but flourishing, will be your support in my endeavours, and the joy and peace I receive knowing you have been touched by my gift...

I'd like to provide you with a glimpse into who I am on the surface, as you will get to know my mind and spirit by following my blogs --- here is a brief bio about me... Enjoy!

I am a native of the state of New Jersey.  Born and raised in the city of Newark, I matriculated my way through a private school system for my entire preliminary education periods - both elementary and high school.  While I excelled in subjects that required heavy lifting with writing, my successes in mathematics directed me down a path that focused on business and finance during my college studies in upstate NY, leading to a very successful career in the pharmaceutical industry back in my home state of NJ, where I provide financial analysis, strategic pricing guidance, and support for specific products, brands, and therapeutic areas. 


Despite my career path, my desire to write never ceased, however, as I began traveling down life’s journey of career, marriage, and children, writing took a backseat to other responsibilities and priorities.  After four children, and during a very pivotal transition period in my life, I revisited my passion and began writing as both a therapeutic measure and tool for healing my mind, heart and soul.  

While I continue to manage and balance both work and home life, I am currently focusing my attention on my personal aspirations and goals of publishing several pieces of her work, the first being a book of prayers that helped me get through difficult times, as well as a fiction novel.   I am also working on the successful launch of the non-profit organization, A Writing Chance, whose mission is to introduce and cultivate the art of writing, while encouraging both children and adolescents to pursue, explore and remain passionate regarding writing as an integral part of their present and future.  The group will empower, encourage, and ultimately, support each individual’s writing efforts, from writing as a hobby, all the way to becoming a published author.

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